Treasure Memories PenPal kit

Treasure Memories PenPal kitNowadays, people communicate via social media, texts, emails, instant messaging. Technology is making staying in contact impersonal. Just to think, the art of letter writing may become obsolete is a scary thought.

The art of letter writing has several benefits. It improves the following: Handwriting skills, Creative Writing, Grammar skills, Eyes-Hands coordination, etc…

Another treasure is the actual letter-envelope becomes a special keepsake. Envelope Stamp: start a stamp collection, use in your keepsake crafts, etc… Letter Paper: The paper maybe handmade, custom design, has a special scent, etc… which you may want to save your letters in a special box. You never know when you want to re-use them for special occasions, use them in a scrapbook with photos to illustrate the letter, or just to relive that memory. Letter: this is special to me because you can see their personality come to life by their handwriting, the way they made decorate the letter, even special sayings-inside joke-or just something that was said in the letter that touch your heart.

Another blast from the past is one of the main reasons; we used to use Pen-pals to begin with. I remember when I was a teenager; I had a military and a cultural exchange pen-pals. I treasure those letters and have learned a lot about other cultures and military life.

Pen-pal candidates: Family & Friends is a wonderful way to stay in touch (Grandparents treasures their letters-artwork from their grandkids, Cultural exchange student is a great way to learn about other cultures (Pen Pal World is a great resource to help finding someone), Military Service Men-Women which is a great way in supporting our troops (Soldier’s Angels is a great resource to help connecting pen-pals).

Reminders: When Writing to a non-family/friend pen-Pal, try not to reveal any true personal information for your protection. Remember to add your own special touches to your letters from stickers, doodling, or even write each word in a different color has I had one friend who did that to make her letters to stand out. Finally, include an address that they can write you back.

If you are interested, I’m selling Pen-Pal letter kits that includes just about everything but a stamp. Plus, they made great gifts. Feel free to check it out at my store @

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